ORA-01078/ LRM-00123: Troubleshoot Junk Characters in Oracle Initialization File

So many times we stuck into situation where we were helpless to start database instance using simple oracle text initialization file for auxiliary instance or some test instance. Usually this is very common whenever we copy the sample or source parameter file from some html or formatted document editor, which allow Unicode text. Frustrating thing is that even after checking test file on normal vi editor or notepad couple of time will also not allow to get rid of that mess-up in parameter file. In this situation there are multiple ways to fix the issue.

  • Copy the content into notepad and then copy back to the unix console to see if it help. Focus on special characters like , ,,etc . Autosuggest options of smart word editors usually convert actual characters into these formatted charters. As soon as you copy the full parameter file content in to notepad or any other low end text editor it’s not that difficult to manually correct it until unless the size of configuration file is large.


  • Other way is to use od (Octal Dump), a very old utility of unix OS.


Today we will demonstrate the troubleshooting of junc character by using od as well as conventional method.


Here we have created two text parameter files and one with ‘   instead of  ‘ ‘

[oracle@maskmt11g.lgk.nmk] ls -lrt initMASK*

-rw-r–r– 1 oracle oinstall 912 May 6 16:46 initMASK11G.ora_correct

-rw-r–r– 1 oracle oinstall 916 May 6 16:54 initMASK11G.ora

[oracle@maskmt11g.lgk.nmk] diff initMASK11G.ora_correct initMASK11G.ora


< *.db_name=mask11g

> *.db_name=mask11g


Let’s try to start instance using this corrupted parameter file.

SQL> startup nomount pfile=’/home/oracle/initMASK11G.ora’

LRM-00123: invalid character 128 found in the input file

ORA-01078: failure in processing system parameters

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Syncing Standby Database Using SCN Based Backup

In Oracle dataguard environment sometime we face issues with slow network pushing us into situation where the changes are piled up and normal redo shipping speed is not sufficient to cover the gap within required business timelines or might be archives/redo never shipped to standby database because of unavailability of standby database and you don’t have enough space on primary site to hold all required archives for recovery. In those situations you might take a decision clear space on primary site after moving archives to tape. Later on when standby will be available FAL service would not able to fetch the gap. One option is to restore those archives to standby site and register those archives while another option, which is of intermediate complexity in case we don’t have identical physical structure in both sites.

Today we will demonstrate recovery of standby database with SCN based incremental backup in environment where we have shared filesystem on primary site while standby database is hosting files in ASM.

  1. Check the minimum SCN on standby database from where the changes need to be applied.

    Standby Site

    SQL> select min (checkpoint_change#) from v$datafile_header order by 1;


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